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August 5, 2020

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Workout Of The Week

In this second installment of the workout of the week, I moved away from the high intensity workouts to yoga. Yoga offers a variety of workouts in itself, all connecting your mind, body, and spirit to different degrees. Two years ago I went through a phase of loving Bikram Yoga, a 90-minute hot yoga class. That summer I regained flexibility from my high school gymnastics days, and I wanted to find an at-home style to improve my flexibility again. Although I wasn’t heating up my basement to 100+ degrees like in a Bikram class, I did try out a few other yoga classes to work up a sweat and work on my flexibility.

I used for a 2-week free trial of yoga classes. To start, I took a quick survey on their website on what I was looking for in a class, my experience level, and what kind of instructor I like. The homepage offers filters where you can sort classes based on difficulty level, style, equipment/no equipment, and how much time you have. A Glo membership includes 24/7 access to yoga, meditation, and Pilates classes, and costs $18/month after the free trial. 

Since physical distancing began, I’ve noticed myself feeling more stressed and spending way more time distracting myself on my phone. While I don’t consider myself an incredibly mindful person, I was hoping yoga might help to ease my mind as well as let me relieve stress through exercise. I mainly stuck to vinyasa flow and power yoga classes, but they do have a unique series called “Self Care For Activists” if you need to recenter yourself given current events.

I decided to practice in the mornings, and even found a class series called “Better Than Lattes” to wake myself up naturally. The most immediate change I noticed was in my flexibility. My muscles felt less tight, and I noticed my body even craved a good stretch in the morning. To my surprise, I consistently worked up a good sweat and felt soreness in muscles I didn’t know could feel sore. I found my ideal class is about half an hour long, and felt more motivated and slightly more grounded throughout my day. 

While you can find many free videos online, Glo offered a unique experience with a wide variety. I recommend trying the free trial, or taking a chance on the many kinds of yoga classes that are out there. Yoga classes offer both high and low intensity exercises, and can help recenter your mind or just get your body moving. Stay tuned for next week where I try dance workouts!

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