Exercise For All Ages

April 1, 2019

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Exercise For All Ages
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Find Out Which Forms Of Exercise Are Best For Your Age Group.

            It is well known that regular exercise has many benefits to health. However, many people do not realize that as you age, certain exercises are better for you when trying to maintain your health. While any exercise is better than no exercise, here are some guidelines to the best exercises for your age group:

  • Teens: Exercise rates tend to go down as kids become teenagers. Because of this, it is recommended that teens try to find a team sport they can be a part of in order to ensure a consistent workout. 
  • Twenties: At this time in your life you have the fastest reaction times and highest VO2 max. Because of this the recommendation is to continue regular exercise in order to decrease the rate of decline for these factors and to continue to try new workouts to optimize your physical activity. 
  • Thirties: Because careers and family often take up a lot of time for people of this age, on top of trying to exercise regularly, there is a recommendation to make exercise a part of your daily routine. You can do this by taking the stairs, walking around the office every so often or standing while taking a phone call.
  • Forties: The focus for this age group is to reduce fat and increase resting metabolism. The recommendation for how to do this best is through resistance training, the use of weights as well as running or pilates. 
  • Fifties: It is during this age group that many people will start feeling “aches and pains.” This is also the age group where certain conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes can become an issue. The exercise recommendation is strength training, walking as well as exercises that work on balance such as yoga. 
  • Sixties: This age group is recommended to “focus on prevention” of chronic conditions. Exercise will also help to build stronger bones and muscles which will protect you in case of a fall. The recommendation is weight training a few times per week or group exercise classes such as water aerobics. 
  • Seventies and beyond: The recommendation for this age group is a mix of strength, flexibility and balance. It is never too late to create an exercise routine.


Having an exercise routine is an essential part to living a healthy lifestyle, no matter what age group you are a part of. Remember to always incorporate physical activity into your routine, and while you may want to follow the recommendations outlined in this article, make sure to also do whatever exercise makes your mind and body feel the best. 

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