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June 6, 2017

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Catch Me Outside
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Acknowledging Some Benefits To Taking Your Fitness Routine Outdoors

Now that the weather is getting nicer, spending time outside is so much more bearable. Aside from a change of scenery, there are some pretty cool benefits to getting active outside.

  1. Soak up Some Vitamin D - Winter months in New Hampshire can be brutal on the body, mind, and complexion. Take your workout outside by going for a hike with friends or doing a little H.I.I.T. on T-Hall Lawn to get your sweat on, all while soaking in some natural Vitamin D.
  2. Breathe in Fresh Air - Living in a more rural location in New Hampshire, we are surrounded by trees and other forms of life that provide us the ability to breathe in crisp fresh air. Use this to your advantage and take deep breaths while out for a run or doing some outdoor yoga.
  3. Go Sight Seeing - The UNH Campus and surrounding areas are absolutely beautiful. There are so many trails, parks, beaches, and amazing sights to see! Make one of these your next fitness/stress-relief destinations. Check out blogging intern Elizabeth Limiadi’s Healthy UNH Blog for inspo!

Sometimes we just need to switch things up and make nature our gym. The possibilities are truly endless-- as are the benefits. Lace up your sneakers, lather on some sunscreen, and enjoy the beautiful weather. Stay active, Wildcats!

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