Spend Your Summer Outdoors

May 3, 2017

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Spend Your Summer Outdoors
Photo Courtesy: UNH Campus Recreation 

UNH Outdoor Facilities

As summer approaches and the temperature goes up there are more and more activities that are becoming possible to do outside! According to many studies, evidence shows that spending more time in nature and outside can improve memory, attention span, and cognition. It’s also known that breathing fresh air can help your respiratory system and that sunlight provides natural vitamin D, even more reason to want to spend time outside.

Luckily, here at UNH there are multiple resources offered to help get members of the community up and moving while spending time outside! Noteworthy places to stop by are:

  • The Outdoor Pool: This is the first year that the new outdoor pool will be open for the entire season, which is anticipated to be June 15 to September 15! The Outdoor Pool offers swim lanes, space for free swimming, and plenty of space around the pool for relaxing. Information on membership pricing can be found here.
  • Mendums Pond: Mendums Pond is located about 7 miles from Durham. Here UNH offers water activities such as canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards that can be rented for $5/hour. It’s also a great spot for picnicking, swimming, or just to hike around. Information on season and daily passes can be found here.
  • College Woods: College Woods consists of approximately 250 acres of woods, small fields and streams. Throughout College woods there are marked paths, which may be used for walking or running, but College Woods can also be used for bird watching, hiking, or just to relax. More information on College Woods can be found here.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Through Outdoor Adventures member of the UNH community can rent outdoor gear for activities such as camping, climbing, and some water sports. For details on rental pricing or conditions visit the Outdoor Adventures page!

Take advantage of the warm months and spend as much time as possible outdoors!

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