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March 31, 2017

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Keeping Fitness Fresh
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A Report of My Experience With Some of 2017’s Top Trends in Fitness.                   

My life basically revolves around the three “F”s: Family, Food, and Fitness. That being said, I spend much of my free time researching, testing, and creating new recipes or developing my own fitness and nutrition plans. My latest experiment was to try out as many of Fox News' listed 2017 fitness trends to get a better picture of what others are doing and see if any could add zest to my own routine.

Here are 5 takeaways:

1. Wearable Fitness/Activity Trackers: While not necessary to stay fit, they are definitely worth the investment if you’re dedicated to using them. I think a major part of what makes them so successful is that they are as exciting as getting a new toy! The key to success, I’ve found, is to develop a fitness routine where the device is helpful for tracking progress without being the sole motivator.


2. Group Training: I don’t know if you’ve ever been, but group fitness classes can be so much fun! There are many different types for all different interests and ability levels. I love a good bootcamp class and always try to bring a friend because I enjoy being able to push, motivate, and hold each other accountable. Check out Campus Rec’s Spring 2017 Schedule!


3. Functional Fitness: I’m a HUGE advocate for physical fitness in its simplest form, but sometimes still get caught up in the aesthetic mumbo-jumbo of it all. The goal of functional fitness is to be able to perform daily activities with increased ease and to maintain the body’s strength and coordination. Functional fitness usually mimics activities of daily living, such as squatting like you would to sit down/stand back up and I found focusing more on these types of activities rather than lifting for aesthetic appeal made me feel stronger and more in control of my body.


4. Smartphone Exercise Apps: I go back and forth between whether I like utilizing fitness apps or not but, after recently completing a short program through an app called 8fit, I realized I like having the extra structure. If you aren’t currently following a plan or if you’ve ever been between workout plans, you probably know the feeling of intimidation and uncertainty when you show up to the gym. Having an app to lean back on for workouts is a great way to avoid that and there are so many (free ones) out there too!


5. Flexibility & Mobility Rollers: All I can say is; TRY IT! Fitness is about strength, speed, endurance, AND flexibility.  Stretching is so often neglected (I’m guilty too) but necessary in order for our muscles to recover and rebuild. Foam rolling is one great way to do this. If your muscles are sore, like mine were after leg day, rolling them out and really taking your post-workout stretching seriously should work wonders. If you’re new to this whole foam-rolling thing there are some great tips online like the ones described by Runners' World.

I hope this helped bring light to some of these hot trends and please note, these opinions are based off my own experiences and, if any interest you, I would definitely recommend trying them for yourself to see how they fit into your lifestyle specifically. Best of luck!  

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