Outdoor Adventure Trips

March 9, 2016

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Outdoor Adventure Trips
Photo Courtesy of: UNH Campus Recreation 

Are You Looking to Explore This Semester?

With all of your exams and papers, it is time you give yourself a well-deserved break! Campus Rec provides the opportunity for students to participate in outdoor trips throughout New Hampshire and the New England area. Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in your dorm room!

Outdoor adventures offers all-inclusive trips for beginners and experienced participants. As a reminder, adults should get at least two and half hours of aerobic exercise a week. Day or overnight trips are a great way to get in some exercise while having fun with your fellow wildcats.

If you are looking to get active on your own time you can rent equipment from Campus Rec. You must make your equipment rental in person, which can be done on the lower level of the Hamel Rec center for a small fee.

Students, keep your eye out for upcoming trips throughout the school year!

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