New Semester, New Workout Routine

February 10, 2016

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 New Semester, New Workout Routine
Photo Courtesy of: Kara Marguerite

Tips For Beginning a Daily Workout Schedule and How to Stick With It

At the beginning of every new semester, students love to get back to the gym after eating and sitting on the coach during the holidays. For the first couple of weeks the gym is packed. Then the hype of working out begins to die down.

To prevent this from happening to you, it is important to establish a workout routine early in the semester. This makes it harder to get in a slump and deny yourself a good work out for the day.

UNH fitness instructor Kara Marguerite says, “working out for just one hour is 4% of your day.” This measly 4% can help with the stress and anxiety that a new semester brings. Here are a few ways to kick-start your workout routine:

  1. Sync up your class schedule with a friend or colleague so you have a work out buddy to push you to go to the gym at a convenient time every day.
  2. Stay focused by making a habit of sticking to a schedule. This is your fitness to journey to become a better you so don’t quit and make it count.  
  3. Mix it up! If you do the same work out every day you are going to get bored of it, which will cause you to stop going to the gym. The Hamel Rec Center has a great weekly schedule of classes that are motivating and fun.


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