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October 21, 2015

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Incorporate Physical Activity Into Your Routine
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Incorporate Exercise Into Your Routine 

As college students, we are constantly juggling our busy schedules. Classes, work, internships, socializing, and student clubs take up most of our days. We spend hours sitting in lectures, labs, and Dimond library, leading a pretty sedentary lifestyle.

Did you know that incorporating exercise into your routine can combat the negative effects of so much sitting? “It turns out that regular exercise, especially before academic efforts, can improve your memory, increase your ability to pay attention, and help you learn. Your brain is much more active during studying or test-taking if you first engage in some type of physical activity.” In order to see these benefits, it is essential to take time to exercise.

Here at UNH, students have access to group fitness classes at the Hamel Rec Center. Personally, cycle class is my favorite because you can go with a group of friends and have some fun. I promise you that you will work up a good sweat. The best part about a cycle class is that you can train at your own level while listening to some great music. Be sure to bring plenty of water and a small towel

In order to sustain the habit of regular exercise, the key is to find an activity that you enjoy. If cycling doesn’t interest you, try bootcamp, yoga, Pilates, dance cardio, TRX, or Zumba. Even if you never tried any of these activities before, becoming physically active will help you sleep better, maintain a healthy weight reduce stress, and boost mood.

Before attending any class, complete the group fitness waiver online, and the employees at the front desk will give you a sticker.

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