Break A Sweat By Dancing Your Feet Off At Zumba!

August 5, 2015

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Zumba Healthy UNH
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Don’t Settle For Boring Workouts! Zumba Is An Exercise Dance Party! 

Are you looking for a fun and exciting workout? Well Zumba is the right choice for you! Zumba is an exercise program that consists of dance movements to rhythmic Latin and international music.   This bumpin’ workout involves interval  training of low and high intensity moves.  Interval training can help you burn more calories and improve your aerobic capacity.  Other than cardio, Zumba also includes balance and flexibility, muscle conditioning, and boosts your energy throughout your workout.  This aerobic exercise can reduce health risks, strengthen your heart, boost your mood, and help kick off those excess pounds.  Zumba is for all ages and any fitness level.  The instructors provide an inclusive-comfortable environment where you can get a great workout and show off your best dance moves!

Where is Zumba offered? Most gyms and recreational facilities have classes that offer Zumba.  The group exercise classes at UNH offers a Zumba class almost every day!  Zumba classes are also taught at Oyster River Middle school every Saturday from 9:00 AM-10:00 AM from the Parks and Recreations of Durham. 

If you want to find a Zumba class in your area check out this website: Find a Class

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