UNH Employees, Have you Ever Thought of Trying Kayaking or Standup Paddleboarding?

May 1, 2015

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Healthy UNH Outdoors Program
Photo courtesy Campus Recreation

With the warm summer weather on its way, working out in a gym can get stuffy and old really quick. Experience the warm weather we’ve all been waiting for while also trying something new.

This summer, June through August 2015, Healthy UNH Outdoors is offering seven different kayaking and paddle boarding outings, at a reduced rate to faculty, staff, and their guests. The outings range from fifteen to twenty dollars. The classes are offered to all skill levels with instruction included, so there’s no need to feel nervous if you’re new! Pre-registration is required, so sign up soon! 

  • Both kayaking and paddleboarding are excellent low impact exercises.
  • Both have cardiovascular benefits, which reduces your chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, and many other conditions.
  • Standup paddleboarding, kayaing, and yoga, can be calming and a stress reliever.
  • Besides the physical and mental benefits, you’ll also be able to connect with new people!

For more information and to register, visit Healthy UNH Outdoors.

If you’re a student looking to also experience summer adventures, visit Campus Recreation Outdoor Adventures

Campus Recreation’s Outdoor Adventures offers equipment rental and additional summer outings for the campus community.  

Healthy UNH Outdoors is a sample of activities that empower individuals to live as healthy as possible, with the goal of becoming the healthiest campus community in the country by 2020. Watch for year-round Healthy UNH opportunities by signing up for the newsletter

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