Make a Change, Join a Gym!

January 15, 2015

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Living in New Hampshire, it can be hard to find ways to exercise in the winter.

Even if it is warm enough to go on a walk or run outside, the roads may be too icy or snowy to exercise on. I find that one of the easiest fixes to this problem is to join your local gym. Plenty of different gyms offer holiday membership deals such as reduced sign up fees or even a month or two free! Some facilities may even offer free trial periods. Joining a gym not only gives you somewhere warm to workout throughout the winter months, but also provides you with a community of other people who have similar goals as you.

Getting a gym membership may be intimidating if you have never done it before. From my experience, there are always gym employees who love to show you around and demonstrate what equipment is best to meet your goals. Employees are a great resource to utilize, as they are there to help you succeed. Here at UNH, the Hamel Recreation Center offers membership deals to UNH employees and offers a chance to try the center for free through the Employee Get Fit Week  program in January. For more information about memberships to the Hamel Recreation Center, visit their webpage. Employees who are enrolled in the Harvard Pilgrim health benefits, are eligible for a free gym membership!

Whether it is at UNH or in your local town, this winter make a change and look in to a gym membership around you!


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