Creative ways to get active this winter

January 26, 2015


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As the wind blows and the snow falls, staying indoors next to fireplace seems like the place to be. Staying active is the key to get through this season. Be creative with your physical activities. While cooking a meal for the holidays, curl soup cans while you wait for food to be ready. Getting the house ready for guests is a perfect time to incorporate creative fitness. Mopping and sweeping the floors will get your whole body moving. So put on the holiday music and dance while cleaning up the house!

Create a calendar of ideas that you can do this winter. Simple activities such as sledding will get the heart rate up each time you climb back up the hill. If you have down time and you find yourself watching television, do jumping jacks, crunches, or push-ups during the commercials. Take the stairs when doing your holiday shopping at the malls, better yet, walk the length of mall a few times. Many people enjoy walking the mall for the social part and the people watching!

The benefits of being active this winter are beating the winter blues, maintain weight, and boast immune system. These benefits will help you get through the season! This website is full of important notes to keep in mind during the winter months, for example, if you do go outside remember to bundle up! Get creative with your physical activities and keep it simple!

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