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December 11, 2014

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Gym intimidation can be one of the biggest reasons students do not go to the gym. It is possible you cannot find the right work out that works for you. Luckily for you, Campus Rec has designed a diverse schedule of group classes you can choose from. These classes are varied from Zumba, cycling, and strength fitness. The classes are here to make the typical gym visit a better experience for those who are interested in variety in their workouts. With such a variety of classes, it is possible for you to try them all out and find which one you like the most. The schedule is easy to find online. The designated times give you an incentive to take time out of your busy schedule and go to your favorite class! Intimidation should not be present in these classes, because there are modifications for all the workouts. 

If you like working out with your friends and having their support; bring them with you! Group classes are perfect for social time. You all can have fun during these classes while getting an excellent work out. The teachers are there to help you; they will not judge your ability. They want you to enjoy their class and to come back! All that you need to do to participate in these classes is to make sure you have signed the waiver, which you can find on the Campus Rec webpage or at the front desk. So, if you need some variety in your workouts, try a group class! @UNHCampusRec


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