It’s better to run when the weather is fun!

September 26, 2014

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Do you feel like you are spending way too much time indoors whether it be in class or your room? Well a great way to appreciate the beautiful weather is to go for a run outside! Running is a great form of exercise that has numerous health benefits.  Going for a run can help strengthen your muscles, help build strong bones, lower your risk for heart disease, maintain a healthy weight, and even improve your mood and mental health.  If you feel like you need a break from school going for a run can be a great stress reliever to clear your mind.  The best part about running outside is getting to see all the beautiful scenery New Hampshire has to offer.

The UNH Campus Recreation website directs UNH students to a fantastic app called MapMyRun  that provides running routes around Durham and even trails in College Woods.  This app can be downloaded directly on to your smart phone for the convenience to use while you run.  The app allows you to map the distance of your route and even see other users running routes as well.  This is a great feature if you are not familiar with the area or just want to try somewhere different.  While you run, the app can play music from your smartphone, count how many calories you lost, and even track the pace of your run.  There are so many more cool features of this app that is definitely worth checking out!

Winter will be here before we know it and sadly the beautiful weather won’t last.  Appreciate the warm weather while you can and stay active by going for a run outside.  It is a great form of exercise and a great way for you to stay happy and healthy.  

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