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March 5, 2014

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Yoga is a great way to get exercise, relieve some stress, and have fun! On campus you can participate in free yoga in the MUB and in the Hamel recreation center.

Yoga is an exercise that combines breathing and stretching. It is usually done in a quiet, dimly light room, and with an instructor leading the stretches or poses. Yoga is a great exercise for all ages because there are many forms with varying intensities. Some different types of yoga include:

  • Power Yoga- challenging yoga that focuses on strength and flexibility.
  • Bikram Yoga- body cleansing yoga, and is usually in a high temperature environment.
  • Tibetan Yoga- High repetitions and flowing movements.
  • Hatha Yoga- usually a blend of styles, varying in intensity.

Yoga has many health benefits that go beyond improving flexibility. Yoga has been proven to reduce stress and can actually improve moods. It is a great relief for college students who are feeling stressed. It also helps to improve one’s balance, strength, and can aid in weight loss. Amazingly yoga has been found to be a way to reduce likelihood of chronic diseases. Check out the yoga health foundation for a complete list of benefits!

This year yoga classes are offered at the Hamel Recreation Center several times a week at varying times. And every Friday at the MUB from Health Services (BYOM-Bring Your Own Mat!), so grab some friends and try Yoga!


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Kelsey,I recently starting taking up yoga so I was excited to see that you are encouraging other students to do the same! I attend the gym regularly, so I was initially hesitant to consider doing yoga as a form of exercise. Once I started I not only realized the significant physical benefits of yoga, but the positive influence it has had on my mental health. It is the only time in the day where I can just focus on being in the present and taking care of my health and my body. I have taken a yoga class at the rec center that was very well run, but I recently got a membership to three bridges yoga located right in downtown Durham. They offer a student pass that includes unlimited sessions for a month for only thirty dollars. The instructors there are very experienced and I always feels as though I get an excellent workout after every class!Heather

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