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September 4, 2013

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The first week of classes are done and the semester is about to kick into full gear. While seeing old friends, making new ones and studying for classes are all key parts of being at school, it is also important to remember to stay active. While gym memberships at home might cost upwards of $50 a month; here at UNH all students have access to the Hamel Rec Center. Aside from the cardio machines, weights, basketball courts, squash courts, and track, students also have the added benefit of full access to group exercise classes!

Group exercise is a great way to stay in shape while having fun. These classes are beneficial to people who might not know exactly what to do in the gym, as well as gym veterans looking to spice up their workout. Going to group exercise classes for the first time can be a little bit daunting... especially if you don't know what to expect. The good news is, you don't have to stress! For the next week, the rec center is running their "promotional schedule" for group classes. This means that students have the opportunity to try all of the different classes offered in order to figure out which ones they enjoy and might want to participate in for the rest of the semester. All you have to do is go to the rec center, sign a waiver and get a sticker on your ID. Once you have this sticker on your ID you will have access to all of the group exercise classes being offered. It's that easy! So head to Rec Center, get your sticker and try out a class today! For more information visit the Campus Rec website.

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I myself have participated in group fitness classes here at UNH and they are great! You don't really feel like you are working out because you are enjoying yourself and they are relatively easy to fit into a busy schedule. I also find that there are people of all fitness and ability levels at these classes so its easy to blend in and not feel embarrased! I defintely recommend this type of exercise!

The spin classes are my favorite! It is such a great workout and I always love the music they play too! 

The group fitness classes have been packed this semester! Be sure to try to get to the class at least 10 minutes early to get a spot. So far I have been able to try out Cardio Kick boxing, and the UNH version of P90x, both are great classes! Can't wait to try out some more! 

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