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May 3, 2013

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No matter how dedicated you are to staying physically active, sometimes going to the gym or lacing up your shoes for a run can feel like a chore.  The best way I have found to look forward to every workout and avoid the crowds at the gym is to take advantage of the group fitness classes UNH Campus Recreation has to offer. Here at UNH students and members of the Hamel Recreation Center can take advantage of a variety of different classes ranging from aerobic based activities to strength training. My two favorite classes are Cycle (a one hour class on stationary bikes set to music) and Zumba (a Latin dance inspired workout), but I’ve heard great things about many of the classes offered!

If you have never participated in a group fitness class, don’t be intimidated! The classes are designed to fit the needs of beginners and advanced participants alike. If you are nervous, it might help to go along with a friend. While some of the things you do during group fitness may feel silly, if you bring a friend along you can laugh together and have fun. Aside from having fun, another great benefit of group fitness classes is the calorie burn! While time may creep along while running on the treadmill, in my experience time spent in group fitness classes flies by. Having fun while working out allows you to spend more time physically active before calling it quits due to boredom thus burning more calories! For example, according to, a person can burn upwards of 500 calories in a one-hour cycling class depending on body size and intensity. So if you get bored of your daily workout routine or are looking to try your hand at getting more physically active, check out the UNH Campus Recreation group fitness schedule here and head to the next class. Your body and your mind will thank you!

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