Healthy Eating After The Holidays

January 13, 2022

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Tips To Get Back On Track 

The holidays are marked by spending time with your loved ones and creating cherished memories. The holidays are also usually accompanied by delicious food, which hopefully you were able to enjoy guilt free. However, now that the holidays are over and we have entered a new year, many people take this opportunity to start creating healthy eating habits to carry with them throughout the new year. Finding motivation to do so may be hard, and it can seem overwhelming.  

Here are some manageable healthy eating tips to kick start your journey:  

  •   Start Today. The hardest part for many people is starting  right away rather than putting it off. Instead of waiting for  next Monday, or the next week or month, start with your  next meal. The quicker you start the quicker your healthy  eating becomes a habit! 

  •   Plan Your Meals. Although this may seem tedious,  planning your meals can help set the intention that you  will eat healthy the following week. Planning your meals can also help you make healthier choices even when life  gets in the way.  

  •   Hydrate Yourself. Drinking plenty of water is great for  your overall health. Along with this, most people are  actually just dehydrated when they start to feel hungry or  tired. By drinking plenty of water a day you will know that  your hunger is from lack of nutrients, rather than  dehydration. 

  •   Get Moving. You may reap more benefits when you  couple daily exercise with eating healthy. Making an effort  to move your body more often can also keep you on track  with your healthy habits and lead to a more positive  mindset.  

  •   Focus On The Good. It is essential to strive for progress,  not perfection. Despite your best intentions of being  healthy, life may still get in the way. Instead of focusing on  what you may see as failures, focus on the smaller victories. This will help keep you on track and leave you feeling less defeated.  

It is important to note that eating healthy does not necessarily mean following a diet or restricting yourself. In the spirit of the New Year, it’s time to invest in yourself. Creating healthy habits can help you do this. Eating well can also translate to more positive outcomes in all other aspects of your life as well! UNH Dining also features a large array of resources to help you learn more about nutrition!  

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