Staying Hydrated this Summer

July 25, 2021

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My tips and tricks to staying hydrated 

Now that we are in the full swing of summer and are experiencing some serious heat waves, you may start to notice yourself becoming dehydrated fairly easily compared to other times of the year. Whether you are spending your summer working at your internship in an air conditioned office or by poolside lifeguarding; staying hydrated all summer long is key to good health and a stronger immune system.  

 The hydration status of the body is a little complicated and is regulated in a tight system. In fact, it is actually really difficult to be in a perfect state of hydration. Your hydration status is influenced by a lot of factors including your weight, age, body composition, diet, activity level, and even medication use. Your hydration status is even influenced by things that you can’t control including the climate that you are living in. This means that you can easily fall into a state of dehydration - especially in the summer months. If you are experiencing dehydration you may get a headache or muscle cramps, and may even start to feel dizzy, lightheaded, or confused.  

Once you fall into a state of dehydration too, it can become worse and worse very quickly. But, fear not, there are ways to avoid dehydration!  

If you are anything like me and get sick of plain water sometimes, check out these my favorite tips and tricks below to stay hydrated in the heat of summer:  

  • Add flavor to water! Whenever I get sick of plain water, I always do what I can to add some flavor to it. Sometimes I chop up some fruit to toss in my water bottle. Other times I add a small splash of fruit juice or sports drink. Whichever you prefer, this is a great way to keep drinking water without getting bored.  

  • Snack on fruits and veggies! Snacking on fruits and veggies is a great way to stay hydrated on a hot day. Most fruits and veggies are more than 75% water so these tasty snacks are a great way to get in some extra water. Try cucumbers, watermelon, honey dew melon, peaches, celery, and even tomatoes!  

  • Avoid salty and fried foods! Foods with a high sodium content often dehydrate you without you even knowing; fried foods can also do the same. Now I’m not saying you should completely cut these from your diet. But before you reach for the bag of potato chips, maybe try reaching for the fruit bowl instead.  

  • Try some juice! If you find yourself absolutely repulsed by a glass of water, try a glass of 100% fruit juice. At the end of the day, some liquid is going to be better than none.  

Whether you like to stay hydrated by some plain tap water, or prefer an infused water with fruit and herbs; there are plenty of ways to stay hydrated this summer. Let us know how you like to stay hydrated at!  

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