Cooking with Healthy UNH: Wonton Cheese Sticks

April 6, 2021


Bored of Regular Cheese Sticks? Try Wonton Cheese Sticks! 

Here are the items you need to make wonton cheese sticks: 

  • Wonton Wrappers 

  • Cheese Sticks (any type of cheese you want! I used pepper jack) 

Depending on the way you are cooking them you will either need: 

  • Air fryer 

  • Frying pan with some oil 

  • Baking sheet 


  1. Cut the cheese sticks in half 

  1. Place the cheese stick in the wonton wrapper and wrap the cheese stick like a burrito 

  1. Air fry, oil fry, or bake the wonton cheese sticks until they are golden brown and enjoy!  

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