Cooking with Healthy UNH Interns: Spaghetti Bloopers!

February 8, 2021


Finding Time to Laugh with Bloopers!

Welcome back to another week of “Cooking with Healthy UNH Interns”! On this week’s episode, Layla and I have something for you that you might not be expecting...Bloopers! Initially, we decided that we were going to make what we thought was going to be a healthy and delicious spaghetti dish, but things didn't go as planned. Between the food prep, filming, and cooking, almost everything went wrong. Although we felt frustrated and discouraged at first. We realized that we are not perfect and that mistakes happen. So we decided to roll with it and learn to laugh at ourselves! We edited the video, added some funny and quirky music, and decided to comment on the video through the voiceover.  

It turns out, we were able to make some really cool (and funny) content. We didn’t even bother posting the recipe because we are encouraging you to laugh a little more this week instead of eating a healthy meal.  

We had a lot of fun making this video and shared lots of laughs; we hope you enjoy this as much as we did! Check out the video on our YouTube Channel, Healthy UNH!  

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