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July 28, 2020

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Make Your Breakfast Nutritious And Delicious!

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I say they are all important, but I strongly believe that starting off with a good breakfast sets the tone for a happy and healthy day! Here are some delicious and nutritious breakfasts to try out for sustained energy throughout the morning.

  • Oatmeal: This food often comes up whenever healthy breakfasts are discussed. But oatmeal doesn’t have to be flavorless mush; it actually can be really good, even for picky eaters! Consider adding some berries, nuts or seeds, and a sweetener like maple syrup or honey.
  • Yogurt Parfait: Yogurt is full of probiotics, which support gut health, making it a fantastic addition to your diet. Top it with granola or fresh fruit, and you have yourself a delicious treat!
  • Smoothie: Smoothies are awesome because they are so versatile. There are thousands of recipes out there, so whether you want something chocolatey, fruity, green, or somewhere in the middle, there will be one for you.
  • Breakfast Bars: This does not mean the sugary granola bars sold at the grocery store. It means making your own nutrient rich bar full of all the foods you enjoy! Whether that be chocolate chips, cinnamon, dried fruit, or peanut butter, you can truly make it your own.

These suggestions are so great because of their versatility. You can make them how you like, and if you get bored of one, it is easy to switch it up! I encourage you to experiment with different flavors so you can find what you like best.

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