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November 20, 2019

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Fall meal
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Fall In Love With Cooking This Season! 

Fall is an awesome time of year. The leaves change, comfy sweaters come out, and there's a refreshing chill to the air! It's also a great time to dig out any old (or find new) comforting recipes! Having trouble coming up with some delicious recipes to warm you up? Here are some great ideas to start: 

  1. Maple roasted acorn squash - There are so many different types of squat that are in season now, making them a cheap and delicious item to add to any meal! 
  2. Harvest bowls - Utilize many of the root vegetables that are harvested in the Fall and throw them all into one warming dish! 
  3. Squash soup - There are so many ways to prepare this fall delicacy! What better way to warm up then with soup? 

If it's too cold outside, why not stay warm indoors and have a cooking extravaganza! Not only can it be fun to cook, but also making home cooked meals can be therapeutic for you.  It makes you feel food (inside and out!), is a great way to practice mindfulness, and you get the awesome reward at the end of knowing you created this culinary masterpiece yourself. 
Stay warm and eat up! 

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