How To Make The Perfect Smoothie

June 13, 2019

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Tips For Creating A Healthy & Delicious Smoothie


Smoothies are not only quick and easy, they’re also a great way to gain nutrients, and will tide you over until your next meal.

Sometimes people worry too much about measuring out their ingredients for their smoothies, but I’ve found that the best smoothies come from  just tossing my favorite fruits and vegetables together and turning the blender on - no planning involved! Below are some essentials that I think you should include in your smoothie, to ensure that you’re getting a good balance of flavors and nutrients:

Fruit - In addition to adding a little sweetness and color, fruit adds fiber and carbohydrates into your smoothie.

Vegetables - Adding vegetables to a smoothie is an easy way to eat your greens, especially if you are not a big van of eathing them plain. You will get all of your vitamins and minerals and you won't even taste them!

Yogurt - I prefer adding Greek yogurt to my smoothies. It adds a smooth and silky consistency. It also adds lots of protein.

Seeds - Chia or Flax seeds provide many nutritional benefits to the body. They also provide a little texture.

Nut Butter - Adding any type of nut butter is a great addition to your smoothie. Nut butters contain a decent amount of healthy fat and fat keeps you feeling full. They also add some protein.

Liquid - And finally, you need some liquid to blend this together. If you want something light, try adding some almond milk or plain water.  Using juice will add sweetness, but it will also add lots of sugar.

Don't know what you want to eat? Follow this basic outline and create a delicious and healthy smoothie.

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