Why The "No Diet" Approach Is The Way To Go

July 17, 2017

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Find Out How Easy It Is To Adopt The Mediterranean Way Of Eating

With the summer months upon us, many people find themselves back in the rut of the typical diet. Low-carb, low-fat, no sweets, the list goes on. But, what if there were a way to stay healthy and happy all year long, without getting sucked back into dieting every time summer came around?

Here is the answer: The Mediterranean Diet! Even though it has diet in the name, this way of eating is the farthest thing from a regular diet. Check out these tips on how to easily eat the Mediterranean Diet:  

  1. Replace butter with healthy oils when cooking (such as olive or coconut oil)  
  2. Switch your proteins from red meat, to fish and poultry
  3. Eat veggies as often as possible
  4. Don’t restrict carbs! Eat whole-grain bread, pasta, and rice
  5. Snack on nuts, seeds, low-fat cheese, or yogurt instead of packaged snacks
  6. Eat fruit for dessert
  7. Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages to no more than a glass or two with a meal
  8. Take time out of your day to enjoy your food – don’t rush!

A diet doesn’t have to be restrictive, and a diet should not cycle in and out of your life. Take the time to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and stop getting stuck in the diet rut!

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