4 Common Myths of Eating Vegan

February 22, 2017

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 4 Common Myths of Eating Vegan
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About 7.3 million people in America follow a vegetarian-based diet, and approximately one million of that count are vegans. As a newly-inspired member of the vegan community for the past year, I get praised and criticized based on my diet. One thing I have noticed is hearing the same misconceptions about a plant-based diet from people who are either against it or are curious and thinking of transitioning.

The four common myths include:

1. “A vegan diet is a restricted diet.”

Any diet, especially a plant-based diet, requires a complete lifestyle change. Rather than thinking restriction, excluding animal products in your diet allows you to try new foods that may have been out of your comfort zone. A whole food, plant-based diet is about adding new foods that are better for your health.  

2. “Vegan food is boring.”

Food is only boring if you make it boring. Vegans surprisingly can get very creative in the kitchen, such as using one ingredient for a variety of different meals. For example, you can have scrambled tofu for breakfast, loaded crispy tofu tacos for lunch, tofu lasagna for dinner, and chocolate pie made of tofu for dessert. You can use different spices, different marinades, and different textures to make your taste buds excited during every meal. Vegan food is different, experimental, and fun.

3. “Being a vegan is too expensive.”

From my own personal experience, this statement is false. I personally have spent less money on weekly groceries compared to when I still ate meat. Organic food can have a higher cost, but from my experience, vegetables and fruit are still much cheaper than meat. Also, most of what a vegan eats can be bought in bulk because it has a longer shelf-life, such as canned beans, dried lentils, and quinoa. It is very possible to become vegan on a budget.

4. “Dining out as a vegan is impossible.”

You do not have to feel left out whenever you go out to eat with your family and friends. Many restaurants are great at catering to food allergies, and will tell you the ingredients of each dish or even take ingredients out of a dish. Check out this vegan restaurant guide for some tips.


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