Are you more nervous about the “Final Exam 15” rather than the “Freshman 15?”

April 29, 2016

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Are you more nervous about the “Final Exam 15” rather than the “Freshman 15?”
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Find Healthier Alternatives to That “Comfort” Food During Final Exams

The end of the semester is just about here which means long stressful nights in the library is coming to a near. Spending those long hours in the library either staring at your computer screen, memorizing the hundreds of flashcards or teaching yourself those chemistry equations that look like “gibberish” to you may leave you feeling tremendously stressed.

So what always makes you feel better when you feel this type of stress from spending those long painful hours in the library? The answer is food. But not just any type of food, but anything that’s sweet, salty, sugary or high in fat: junk food. According to Harvard Health, high levels of stress leads to an increased intake of foods that are high in fat and/or sugar. These foods tend to help eliminate stress by displaying a sense of comfort. Junk food is delicious and satisfying while eating it, but the feeling you get after eating endless amounts of junk food leaves you feeling nothing but bloated and full of regret.

The moment you find yourself getting stressed with final exam studying, look for different snacks that you can easily pack in your backpack that are healthy, delicious and will help get your mind off of the stress felt from studying. Bringing snacks from home will eliminate your chance of buying snacks that are high in calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Look at the following easily packed snacks below as a guide before finding different healthy snack ideas on your own.

These eleven nutritious examples will be a great guide to eliminating stress as well as feeling a sense of satisfaction as a result:

  1. Yogurt parfaits.
  2. Unbuttered popcorn rather than potato chips.
  3. Whole grain English muffin topped with Greek yogurt and strawberries.
  4. Homemade fruit smoothies.
  5. Banana and peanut butter.
  6. Whole grain crackers with reduced fat cheese.
  7. Homemade trail mix with a limited amount of chocolate chips.
  8. Granola bars.
  9. Avocadoes.
  10. Carrots with low fat ranch dressing.
  11. Microwave an apple with cinnamon and granola to taste like a healthier apple crisp.

The eleven examples above can easily be packed up and brought to the library and act as a quick study break snack. The snacks included are not only delicious, but are very nutritious and will allow you to feel happily satisfied!

Eliminate the possibility of consuming junk food as a stress reliever to your final exam study schedule and look for healthier snack ideas that you can bring from home! 

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