Convenient Snacks for a Crazy Schedule!

March 23, 2016

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Convenient Snacks for a Crazy Schedule!
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Tips For Eating Healthier, While Battling a Busy Schedule

As the holidays end and individuals get back to their daily routines, it’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle when returning to a busy schedule. Packing snacks to help keep you full and satisfied during the day can help you stay on track!

It is often helpful to buy prepackaged items such as 100 calorie almond packs or a piece of fruit like a clementine, to limit preparation time. With prepackaged snacks you can just throw them in your bag and go!

Zeke's Cafe, Wild Kitty,  and Union Court have a variety of options to run in and grab! But, if you have the time and prefer to prepare your food yourself, there are endless options that you can incorporate into your schedule! Here are some ideas

  1. Apple and peanut butter
  2. Hummus and carrots
  3. A Kind bar
  4. Yogurt and granola
  5. A cheese stick

With a hectic life it is important to eat well to feel well! Eating right and incorporating healthy snacks into your routine will help you feel energized and stay focused, which can ultimately increase your work performance!  

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