Super Satisfaction in Superfoods

January 5, 2016

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Super Satisfaction in Superfoods
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Be the healthiest version of you that there’s ever been with energy from superfoods

A lot of definitions get thrown around what a superfood actually is. While the term itself isn’t scientific, it defines a specific food that has been proven to ward off certain health risks and comes packed with vital nutrients, plus they taste great. It’s like a win-win for your taste buds and health.

#1 Watermelon

First on the list is watermelon. With one of the highest levels of alkaline in fruit, it’s a thirst quencher and rids your body of toxins by balancing the body’s pH levels. Over did it this weekend? No worries, watermelon can eliminate bloating caused by the acid in food and drink, especially processed cheese and alcohol. Grab a slice by itself, or have it in a bowl of restoring cucumber and watermelon salad.

#2 Tomatoes

A healthy start begins at the heart. The mighty yet humble tomato is high in lycopene, which keeps your ticker going strong. These guys bust through your immune system and attack free radicals that can hinder the body’s performance. Not only that, but they come packed with vitamin C. Two cups of cherry tomatoes is more than half the daily recommendation of vitamin C, making them your immune system’s secret weapon to cold fighting. Eat them raw in salsa with tortilla chips, or for those cooler nights, in this winter tomato quiche.

#3 Pumpkin Seeds

Also referred to as pepitas, these are my favorite go-to for salad toppings. They add a salty crunch and an earthy, musty flavor, similar to pistachios. Seeds are known for being high in tryptophan, the mood boosting, and anxiety releasing amino acid. Careful not to go overboard though, nuts and seeds are notorious for being calorie dense, and you’ll come to realize that less is actually more in this case. I recommend them toasted and tossed onto salads, or mixed with my Greek yogurt and granola.

#4 Apples

There’s nothing like biting into a crisp, juicy apple, but did you know that most of its nutritional benefits are within that thin layer of skin? Think twice next time you go to peel an apple! It’s a great source of vitamin C, which helps the absorption of iron. This is crucial since iron promotes red blood cell count, and if your iron stores are too low, you may experience weakness and fatigue. They are a great, portable snack on the go, or delicious in this healthy alternative to apple pie.

#5 Swiss Chard

I love growing swiss chard in the summer months because it grows like a weed, once you pick it, the leaves grow back even fuller than they were before. Have you ever heard the saying, you eat with your eyes first? Well, it’s true! Shades of red, green, and yellow stems make this lettuce stand out from the rest. In it is magnesium, an anti-inflammatory mineral that helps build strong bones and regulate heart health. Picked early and it’s great in a vibrant salad, or wait until they’ve grown thick stalks and toss it into curries or hearty stews like this one.

We get to decide what we put in our bodies-- but any way you slice it, whole foods will always be the best option.

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