Moderation of Food Intake During the Holiday Season

December 3, 2015

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Moderation of Food Intake During the Holiday Season
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The holidays are just around the corner… are you prepared?

Holiday parties are a great way to come together with family and friends, but we all know that over-eating leads to increased pounds on the scale. How do we avoid over-indulging around the holiday season? Instead of focusing on what foods are considered off-limits, we need to focus on moderation.

Eating Grandma’s famous baked lasagna and apple pie isn’t the problem. The problem is eating two massive servings of grandma’s family recipe, and putting that extra scoop of vanilla ice cream on your pie.

How can you make a better version of this meal? Making half your plate fruits and vegetable will help you feel satisfied without overdoing it on the lasagna. Take your time eating because your brain needs time to tell your stomach it has had enough food. This will prevent you from taking a long nap of grandma’s couch.

Need some other strategies?

  1. Smaller portion sizes allow you to eat your favorite foods without all the extra calories.
  2. Use a smaller plate to help control how much food you are putting on your plate.
  3. Whether you are at a work party or hosting a party, keep The Wildcat Plate in my mind. It will help you fill your plate in a health-conscious way.  
  4. Another great resource for portion control can be found by looking at our hands.

Lastly, plan ahead. Do not arrive to a party completely faMished because that will trigger overeating!

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