Holloway Commons: New and Improved

September 29, 2015

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UNH Dining Using Local Foods
Photo Courtesy of: University of New Hampshire 

HoCo Purchases New Equipment and Uses Local Food to Provide Healthier Options

With the new semester comes a newly renovated dining hall: Holloway Commons.  While making these renovations, UNH  considered its goals to create an environment that promotes nutritional, earth-friendly lifestyles as part of Menus of Change: the Business of Healthy, Sustainable, Delicious Food Choices. This includes:  

  • focusing on natural foods;
  • using better agricultural methods; and
  • and serving food in smaller portion sizes.

Renovations in Holloway Commons include the addition of the Shuttle Precision Impingement Oven from Ovention, which uses hot air that limits fat and will also be used in place of a fryer.  Executive Chef Chris Kaschak aims to use this piece of equipment when creating healthy recipes that limit red meat and processed foods and incorporate healthy proteins and whole foods.  Among his delicious ideas are buffalo cauliflower, roasted asparagus, and grilled onion steaks topped with lemon-herb cod.  Working in Holloway Commons, a newly certified 2 Star Green Restaurant, the UNH Dining cooks have access to local fruits and vegetables from UNH’s Woodman Farm when creating these new recipes.

As the first public university to have an Office of Sustainability in the country, UNH continues to set an example by optimizing the use of local foods to create healthy meals. Support your community and take a lunch break at the award winning dining hall that uses local, sustainable food!  Holloway Commons is a great place for a quick and healthy on-campus meal. 

Learn more about the improvements here

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