Back to the Basics: Cooking With Your Family

September 10, 2015

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Back to the Basics: Cooking With Your Family
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Healthy Eating Habits and Portion Size 

After a relaxing summer vacation, it’s time for the kids to start the school year and ease back into your busy schedule. It might be tempting to order takeout from your favorite restaurant, but a better choice is getting the entire family involved in making a nutritious dinner. Teach your kids to pour and stir ingredients, wash potatoes, and peel vegetables. Cook old family recipes or create new meal options.

A home-cooked meal shows children healthy eating habits, correct portion size, and gives them a set a skills that they will carry with them through adulthood.

 According to the University of Florida, “studies show family dinners increase the intake of fruits and vegetables; families who eat dinner together tend to eat fewer fried foods and drink less soda; and family meal frequency is linked to the intake of protein, calcium, and some vitamins.”

If your family usually eats out every night, start slow. Make it a goal to cook at least three meals at home and push your family to do it more frequently. Check out Choose My Plate for quick recipes on a budget.

WebMD lists the following benefits:

  1. It encourages kids to try healthy foods.
  2. Parents get to spend quality time with their kids.
  3. Kids aren’t spending time in front of the computer when they are cooking.
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