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June 15, 2015

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4 Tips for Summer Health

We all love summer. Summer means less work, warmer weather, beach days, barbeques, and much more. Summer also involves many social events that revolve around food, from graduation parties to picnics. Beyour best this summer by following these four tips:

  1. Stick to water. When it’s hot and you’re thirsty, it’s tempting to reach for a sugary drink, such as soda or lemonade. By drinking water, you’ll avoid drinking empty calories.
  2. Be a healthy host. You won’t be tempted by what you don’t serve. Serving healthy foods doesn’t mean only serving fruits and vegetables. Many dishes can be made healthier by substituting ingredients, such as using yogurt instead of mayo in macaroni and potato salads.
  3. Exercise. On hot days, it can be hard to find the energy to exercise. Try exercises that you can look forward to doing during the summer, such as jogging on the beach, kayaking, or hiking. Healthy UNH Outdoors is offering multiple kayaking and paddle boarding trips this summer that are open to faculty, staff, and their guests.
  4. Bring your own dish. If you’re invited to a barbeque or another social event where there will be food, bring your own healthy dish. That way, you know that there will be at least one healthy option.

For healthy recipes, like baked spinach artichoke yogurt dip, check out Nutrition Wellness UNH on Facebook. 

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