The Benefits of Eating Locally Grown Foods

June 25, 2015

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The Benefits of Eating Locally Grown Foods
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Why Shop At Farmers Markets?

Farmers markets are one of my favorite food destinations. Not only do you have homemade, fresh products at your fingertips, but you also get a look at all sorts of new foods at a reasonable price.

While studying abroad in Australia, it was even more exciting for me with exotic local fruits and vegetables and great deals verses a supermarket.

I often find that different booths will have the same fruits and vegetables but different pricing, so make sure to scope it out and find the best deal before making purchases. Local farmers have great pride in their products and it is fun for both parties to know where the food is coming from and going to.

Fresh, healthy foods will keep you feeling energized and happy and buying local will give you a new appreciation for healthy eating.

I always say that my food tastes better when I know where it comes from. Look up to see when and where the next local farmers market is in your area!   

The Local Harvest Initiative at UNH is a growing partnership of UNH Dining, the Sustainability Institute, and local producers. Through the Local Harvest Initiative, UNH Dining is committed to serving locally, regionally, and sustainably grown, produced, and manufactured items to the greatest extent possible.

The Sustainability Institutes states, “Serving locally and regionally grown, produced, and manufactured items ensures that the food served is the freshest possible while helping to support our local economy, a vibrant regional agricultural infrastructure, and a healthy food system.”

It’s #FarmFresh month at Healthy UNH.
Send us a picture of locally grown foods and you could win a prize.
Use the hashtag #FarmFresh  and tag @HealthyUNH when posting your picture to Instagram. 

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