7 Tips for Off Campus Students

March 23, 2015

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A Challenge from Healthy UNH Intern: Katelyn 

In an age where students are constantly on the go from classes, work and various activities, healthy eating may not be a priority. 

As an off campus student, it takes even more time and planning to be mindful of the food you are consuming.  At times it may be easy to eat out every night with your friends, but you are more likely to be spending more money and eating more calories, versus you making a version of that meal at home. 

For many students, this is the first time being on your own, so don’t be intimated!  Just like anything else, cooking takes some practice. 

SPIN (Students Promoting Information about Nutrition) offers weekly recipes and Youtube videos, which are a great resource for students. 

I’m challenging UNH students to cook 3 homemade meals this week! 

Then, tweet me @healthyunh a picture of your plate, or tweet me some of your favorite recipes.

My tips for off campus students:

  1. Pick a specific day to go grocery shopping
  2. Make a menu for the week
  3. Make a grocery list and stick to it (Shop on the perimeter of the grocery store, it will help you from not buying processed foods)
  4. Buy in bulk and split the cost with your roommate, it will save both of you money.  (Or freeze what you’re not going to use.)
  5. I do all my food prep on Sunday so I don’t have to waste “study time” during the week.
  6. Invest in some food storage containers.
  7. Cook with your roommates or a friend , and have some fun

Cooking can be challenging, but you’re not alone! UNH has several resources. 


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