3 Ways to Eat Healthier in the Dining Hall

February 16, 2015

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Did you know that UNH Dining is one of the top rated Dining Programs in the US?

UNH campus dining halls have lots of different options for those who want to make nutritious food choices.

But, sometimes the Dining Halls can be an intimidating part of dorm-life. They can be over-whelming with all the different food options; and the amount!

Here are a few tips that can help you healthfully navigate your next meal:

  1. Take Advantage of the Salad Bar

The salad bar has lots of different toppings. Spice up your salad and try a new topping like radishes! If you aren’t in the mood for a salad, the bar has a variety of snacking options, such as hummus, edamame, celery, chickpeas, and beans.

  1. Use the Wildcat Plate

The Wildcat Plate is a very helpful tool that gives you guidelines as to what kinds of foods to eat and how to control your portions. The Wildcat Plate was an initiative between Healthy UNH and UNH Dining, and was adapted from the US Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate. 

  1. Be Creative

Mix up your meals and avoid getting into a food rut. There are many ways you can be resourceful and still stay healthy. Instead of having tacos on Taco Tuesday, you can choose to make a taco salad and limit the amount of toppings on it. You can also make pasta salad using the whole-wheat pasta and cooked vegetables. For dessert, try an apple with a scoop of nutella instead of an ice cream sundae.

For more creative meal ideas, visit S.P.I.N.’s website, which has instructive videos on how to get the most nutrition out of your meals.

Learning how to eat a health and balanced diet can be challenging, especially the first time away from home. Being conscious about the foods you choose will help you stay on the right track. But there are lots of resources to help you make healthy choices. Visit the Dining webpage for more nutritious tips on how to eat healthfully at the Dining Halls. 

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