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November 12, 2014

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While working you may find yourself reaching for that bag of chips. Before you know it you have eaten the entire bag. There are better choices out there for healthy snacking. The choices you make for healthy snacking may make you fuller and less likely to continue eating.

Blueberries help the brain from oxidative stress and my reduce effects of Alzheimer’s or dementia. They have also been shown to improve motor skills. With Fall in full swing, pumpkins seeds are perfect to snack on! They are full of zinc which is vital for enhancing memory and your thinking skills. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and dairy are full of fiber and protein that will help sub side those sugar highs. You will not feel the need to surrender to your sweet tooth! Do not fall for the sweet taste of a candy bar! It will give you a quick dose of energy, but you soon will crash. Turn to cheeses that are full of amino acids that increase productions of neurotransmitters to control concentration and alertness.

Healthy snacking also gives you more fuel throughout the day. Our blood sugars begin to lower five hours after a full meal. Snacking on something healthy can give you an extra boast to make it through the long day. Lists of good foods can be found online that can help control your cravings and "boost your brainpower". Look for things like wholegrains, fish, tomatoes, broccoli, sage, and nuts. 

For more ideas on healthy snacking, check out our Pinterest Healthy Snacks pin.

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