Does the Beginning of the Semester Have You Stressed?

February 8, 2017

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Does the Beginning of the Semester Have You Stressed?
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Tips to Manage your Emotional Wellbeing Throughout the Semester

As the semester begins, it’s easy to get lost in the excitement of your new classes, reuniting with friends, and upcoming events in the community.  With all this going on, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and frazzled, and  may negatively affect your mental health.  

According to,  some ways to maintain and improve mental wellness are to:

  • Be connected with others: Join a club or organization (all of which can be found here) or even just take the time to catch up with friends or family when needed.
  • Get physically active: The Hamel Recreation Center renovations are final completed! Take a group class or workout on your own, stop by to blow off some steam.  
  • Help others: The Office of Community Service & Learning is always looking for volunteers. Subscribe to their email list, make an appointment with an advisor, or check the calendar located on their website for more information!
  • Get enough sleep: Feeling crabby? Focusing on not only getting enough sleep but good quality sleep can be beneficial when trying to improve your mood.  
  • Seek help when needed: Luckily, here at UNH there are many different opportunities and resources offered to help students and staff coop with stress and emotions. Healthy UNH  lists several of these resources and more information about each.

Don’t allow stress and emotions to affect your thinking, mood, or behavior. Instead how about focusing on ways to address and improve your mental wellness?



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