Time for a New Year’s Resolution!

December 27, 2016

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Time for a New Year’s Resolution!
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The Guide for Goal Setting

With the start of another year, comes the time to set a new goal for yourself!

A good way to set a new resolution for yourself is to follow these goal guidelines:

  • Specific – detailed and well thought out
  • Measurable – you can see your progress as you go!
  • Attainable – you believe you can achieve it
  • Relevant – something you truly care about
  • Timely – can achieve the goal within a specified time frame

SMART goals can help make your New Year’s Resolution much easier to commit to. About 50 percent of American adults make a New Year’s Resolution, but many do not follow through with it for the entire year.

This SMART model goes for any type of goal setting as well! An Oregon report shows that even in middle school, the SMART goal setting model helped kids achieve their short term goals in gym class! SMART goals can help people of all ages and backgrounds. It is important to see progress throughout the time frame of the goal, and to visualize the outcome for the future.

If you aren’t feeling as  motivated to achieve your new year's resolution as you Could, try using the SMART goal model to get yourself more excited about what lies ahead!


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