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November 1, 2016

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24 Hours Without My “Lifeline”

Participating in a 24 hour cell phone free experience was one for the books. Initially, when I was introduced to this challenge, I was afraid of what this cell phone cleanse would do to my well- being. Would I go through withdrawals? Would I feel empty? Well, the lack of my device ended up becoming a positive journey that I will never forget.

Leaving my cell phone in my dorm room enabled me to realize the smaller things in life. I was more focused on my surroundings and my conversations with my peers. I also noticed that my productively level was at an all time high. I was able to complete my school work much faster than expected. I was able to focus in on the conversations I was having and engage with my professors more than I typically do. This made me feel more motivated and really boosted my self esteem.  However, throughout the day I noticed myself reaching for my device out of habit. This habit left me cringing at myself each time, because it showed how prominent cell phone use is in my life.  Surprisingly, even though I could not text any of my friends or engange in any social media, I didn’t feel “out of the loop” as much as I thought I would. I think this is becasue I would ask myself: "I know my friends and can chat with them in person, so why do I absolutely need to know what they are posting on social media?" I quickly learned the answer to this question. I don't.        

Kicking my cell phone to the curb for 24 hours was extremely eye-opening. It taught me the importance of being present and living in the moment. I now understand why it’s important to take a step back sometimes. Life is so fast-pased and technology is so embedded. But believe it or not, if you take a break from it all, the world will still spin and your friends will still be your friends. I encourage everyone to take a break from technology and dedicate time to live in the moment. 

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