Yoga and You!

May 4, 2016

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Yoga and You!
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How Implementing Yoga into Your Daily Routine Can Help Relieve Stress

The semester is almost over even though it felt like it just started! It is around this time in the semester when stress levels are high and it seems like you can never get a break. Now you can with by introducing some yoga into your routine! Luckily, UNH has many opportunities these last couple of weeks for you to try to do some relaxing yoga. Here are some upcoming yoga events on campus:

-Frazzle Free Finals Outdoor Lawn Yoga (Wednesday, May 11th at 12:00-1:00PM on the Great Lawn)

-Campus Recreation has multiple yoga classes throughout the week!

-Every Wednesday and Friday from 12-1PM in Wildcat Den in the MUB there is free yoga classes for UNH students!

Not only is yoga a great study break there are many benefits to doing yoga too! Yoga is a great activity to begin, because anyone can do it regardless of experience! Yoga provides both physical and mental benefits such as: increased flexibility, muscle, improve cardio and respiratory health, manage stress, and increase calmness. Everything we want during this time of year!

Yoga provides multiple benefits for both mind and body, which are the things we need to take care of especially during finals. A time where we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. So don’t neglect your body and start to de-stress with yoga!


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