Are you Concerned About a Friend Who is Feeling Down or Stressed?

January 19, 2016

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Are you Concerned About a Friend Who is Feeling Down or Stressed?
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Kognito is here and can help make a difference!

Do you know a friend or classmate who is feeling sad or stressed? Maybe they do not even know why? Are you looking for something that will help you recognize these challenges so that they can receive some support for the distress they are currently feeling? Different signs of emotional distress are extremely important to recognize right away to prevent them from worsening and to receive further support.

UNH offers students an online program, Kognito, which helps students recognize and learn all about the different signs of emotional distress. Sometimes certain signs aren’t as recognizable as others; however, with the help of this training module, you will find a difference in the way you feel emotionally and physically.

Kognito can make a difference in helping you to further identify when a friend, classmate, roommate, peer, fellow student organization member and/or teammate may be having some emotional health challenges.  This program allows individuals to recognize their signs of distress as well as guiding them toward the right support. According to Kognito, the different courses that you are open to take while conversing with an online trainer will allow you to learn:

  1. How to rise above a difficult conversation
  2. Motivational interviewing skills
  3. How to ask open- ended questions
  4. The signs of distress/ how to overcome them
  5. Suicide prevention methods
  6. Different ways to boost confidence

Please remember that if you recognize the signs of distress in yourself and you’re a UNH student, Counseling Center services can be available to you by calling 603-862-2090 (same day urgent meetings are available M-F 8 AM to 5 PM and by phone 24/7 603-862-2090). 

To access Kognito, please click here. Try this new online education system to start seeing the positive impact that it will have on your and your peers’ life! 

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