Will You “Step Out to Speak Out Against Violence at UNH?”

April 8, 2015

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SHARPP Stepping Out Against Violence at UNH: RALLY&WALK!
Image Courtesy of Lyin Schramm 

The UNH Community Will Not Stand for Sexual Assault

The goal of Sexual Assault Awareness month is to educate and raise awareness throughout the month of April.

On April 9th, SHARPP and the UNH members will gather on the Great Lawn (in front of DeMerrit Hall) to participate in the Stepping Out Against Violence at UNH: RALLY&WALK! This walk is an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff, and Durham community members to work together to make UNH a safer place. Also, this event will include information tables, and a UNH’s Community Proclamation against violence.

This week, I had the opportunity to speak with Sarah Elgar ‘16, a part time SHARPP employee, “This walk truly demonstrates UNH’s dedication to spreading awareness of this serious topic. We as college campus don’t condone violence.” Whether you attend the event for 10 minutes or until the end, know your presence is making a difference.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, approximately 67%-80% campus sexual assaults are unreported. Sexual assault can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, age, race, sexual preference. Sexual assault is not a women’s issue; it is a people issue.

Do your part and help put in end to violence.

Other ways to get involved

  1. Pick up a Teal Ribbon at SHARPP office to spread awareness.
  2. UNH Men, take the online pledge to end violence against women.
  3. Simply talk about sexual violence and how it can effect the lives’ of coworkers, students, faculty, professors.
  4. Concerned about yourself or a friend? Contact SHARPP, they can help.
Join the conversation: #UNHRallyWalk 
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