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March 24, 2015

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3 Tips for Commuter and Transfer Students  

If you are a commuter student or a transfer student, getting involved on campus can be a struggle. Luckily, UNH has come up with a way to help.

Commuter and Non-Traditional Student Services is part of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership located in the MUB. One of the many things they do is put together the Commuter Connection.

The Commuter Connection is a weekly email with announcements about parking and transportation, commuter student services, graduate students, campus events, Greek life, MUV movies, athletics, campus recreation, and more. 

Although anyone is welcome to sign up, the Commuter Connection is really a great way for commuter students and transfer students to learn about the many things happening on campus. Sign up online!

Before living in The Gables here at UNH, I was both a commuter and transfer. It can be hard to get involved on campus, but here are my three top three tips for anyone else going through the same thing:

  1. Join a club or organization. Whether you’re new to the university or you don’t have any roommates to easily become friends with, joining a club or organization can be the best way to meet new people.
  2. Get a job on campus. By getting a job on campus rather than at home, you’ll spend more time on campus. That means meeting new people, gaining job experience, spending less time commuting, and making money!
  3. Go to the gym. Besides the Whitteemore Center having great workout equipment, it also offers classes and free skate! It’s a great and healthy way to spend more time on campus.  

Make your college experience even more memorable and get involved on campus today!



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