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February 12, 2015

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There are several moments in life when we are handed situations that cause us to feel nervous or anxious. 

These emotions can cause us to feel overwhelmed, tense, irritable, and out of control.  Anxiety  can have severe effects on our body such as feeling fatigued, sweating, stomach upset, pounding heart, lack of hunger and shortness of breath.  

It is okay to have anxiety in moderation; it helps you maintain focus and can even give you motivation  to help you feel prepared.  If you ever feel like you have constant anxiety, don’t you worry because there are ways to help make you feel more cool, calm, and collected.

Currently, I am preparing myself for a study abroad adventure to Florence, Italy.  Sounds exciting right? It definitely is! But as the days get closer to departure, my nerves are starting to kick in. 

Figuring out what to pack for my 4 month journey and having limited space makes me a tad nervous.  I am the type of person who usually over packs and has extra of anything and everything I need.  Well, fitting my life barely into 2 suitcases does not give me space to do that!  Other than packing, picturing myself in Italy is very exciting yet also scary.  

What if I get lost and I cannot ask anyone because no one speaks English and I can’t understand Italian? These moments of worrying come and go and at times causes my mind to race.  When I start to feel anxious or negative about a situation I always try to think of the positive that can come out of that situation. It will be okay to get lost in Italy, because it is part of the experience and eventually I will know the city. Getting lost can also be a chance for me to explore what the beautiful city has to offer. Realistically, I do not need to pack everything and will be able to live with the minimum I can pack. 

If you ever have any experiences like these here are a few ways where you can lessen your worries and feel less anxious


  • Be positive-looking at the brighter sides of situations can help replace negative thoughts
  • Get enough sleep- a lack of sleep can intensify your anxious feeling and thoughts
  • Exercise regularly – working out can cause you to feel more positive feelings about yourself and be a natural stress reliever. 
  • Practice relaxation techniques-deep breathing and mediation can reduce your anxiety symptoms and increase a sense of an emotional well-being. 

These are just a few simple techniques to help you relax and feel calm again. Check out the Anxiety and Depression Association of America  website to find out even more tips on how to handle anxiety and stress.  

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