Ways to Stop Stress From Putting a Damper on Your Holiday

December 29, 2014

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During the holidays there is a great deal of excitement and anticipation. However, many people also experience a great deal of stress. The chaos of shopping, planning parties, and reuniting with friends and family can all lead to an array of contrasting emotions. How can you ease the stress?

First, manage the chaos. It is important to stay grounded during the holidays with your normal routine. In order to conquer your holiday tasks try printing out a blank calendar and schedule everything that you must complete, i.e. party prep, holiday cards, purchasing gifts, etc. Having this to-do list in a calendar format will ease your mind and help you visualize the tasks at hand. You can go week by week at the tasks so that they do not pile up at one time and throw off your normal routine.

Second, manage the emotions that come with the holidays. Whether you are overjoyed to see family, or getting angry at a store clerk over the last honey-baked ham, keep your reactions in scope. The holidays tend to bring out the good and the bad in people because there is a lot of stress built up. Embrace getting a chance to catch up with relatives you don’t know well and be a little extra patient when waiting in line at the stores.

Whether your holiday season consists of traveling to holiday parties or staying home and enjoying freshly fallen snow, use the excitement and energy surrounding the holidays to de-stress, enjoy company, and be thankful.

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