National Yoga Month

September 19, 2014

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person doing yoga on the beach
Photo courtesy: Tessa Corsetti

September is celebrated as National Yoga Month! Not only is yoga a great workout, it is an exercise in discipline and mental focus. The Yoga Health Foundation promotes National Yoga Month and works to draw awareness to yoga and spread the activity across the nation. More information about the Yoga Health Foundation and different events that will take place this month can be found on their website.

Memberships to studios can often be expensive and class times may not be the most convenient for your schedule. Campus Recreation in the Whittemore Center offers yoga and pilates classes for students, staff, faculty members, and guests. Employees who are eligible for health benefits at UNH, can participate in the gym membership at the Whit. Visit Campus Recreation website if you would like more information regarding memberships.  

The yoga and pilates classes taught at the Whit offer a challenge but are still easy enough for a beginner to follow along with. Classes are taught by certified fitness trainers who completed a fitness instructor program here at UNH. The instructors are great at walking around the room and offering individual help. For Whit members, classes are not an additional charge and offer a great option to those that wish to get some experience with yoga.

Not a member at the Whit? Not a problem! Grab a daily pass at the front desk! 

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