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April 28, 2014

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               As college students, we are familiar with the hefty workload of classes, and the negative consequences of not keeping up with school work. Being unorganized and falling behind in class can lead to nervous breakdowns, feeling burnt-out, increased stress levels, and physical illness. With the amount of freedom and independence that being in college comes with, it could be easy for any student to let their grades slip. Here at UNH, there are a variety academic resources available on campus, and it is never too late to seek them out for help. The following are examples of academic resources available to UNH students on campus:

  1. Academic Mentors – These undergraduate students are trained to coach their peers on reaching their academic goals. They also assist in a “Study Skills Drop-in Clinic” where students can drop by and receive help with how to enhance study strategies and skills by a trained mentor. No appointment is necessary; simply drop by Smith Hall room 201 on Monday through Wednesday from 4-5:30pm.
  2. Math Assistance Center – Located in G33 (B tower basement of Christensen Hall), this center offers assistance by staff members for 300 and 400 level Math courses. The hours are Monday and Wednesday 1-9 PM, Tuesday and Thursday 9 AM–5 PM, Friday 1-5 PM, and Sunday 2-5 PM.
  3. Robert J. Connors Writing Center – Located in Room 329 in Dimond Library, this is a great resource to utilize for assistance on writing papers from brainstorming to the final draft.
  4. Find study tips and tools, adademic coaching, and personal guidance at the Center for Academic Resources.
  5. Society of Physics Students- Offered for spring 2014, this service provides help to students primarily for Physics 401, 402, 407 and 408. They are located on the third floor of DeMeritt and are available Mondays 4-5:30 PM, and Thursdays 12:30-2 PM.

There are many additional services offered to students who wish for help in succeeding academically. Allowing the stress of classwork and exams to build up is unhealthy can be avoided with good organization skills and seeking help. Check out these tips provided by the Center for Academic Resources on ideas and services that may best fit your needs. 

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