February 15, 2021


Photo Courtesy: Erin Lovejoy
Name: Erin Lovejoy 
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 
Department: Nursing 
Role at UNH: Student
Year Started at UNH: 2018

How does getting this vaccine make you feel?

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to get this vaccine so early on. Covid has had such a huge impact on everyone’s lives since it began, so the fact that we now have a vaccine makes me feel hopeful for the future. 

What does getting this vaccine mean to you?  

Getting this vaccine honestly means a lot to me. As a nursing student, I am extremely passionate about healthcare and medicine. Like most people interested in a health profession, I really want to help people. With this vaccine, we are able to do this. We are able to help protect people from a virus that has been completely devastating. Getting this vaccine means moving forward. 

What would you say to someone who feels hesitant about getting the vaccine? 

Get it. I understand that some people are worried about the possible scary side effects, but there are scary side effects attached to any medication. This is something we deal with constantly, and typically, if you need a medication, the scary side effects don’t matter much anymore. After getting the first dose I didn’t feel great for a couple of days, but that was it. From what I have heard about the second dose, the experience is roughly the same. Sure, not feeling great isn’t the best, but the benefits of protecting yourself from a deadly virus greatly outweigh the costs. 

What have been some of your favorite ways to stay physically active during the pandemic?  

I love taking my dogs for walks! My pug, Buster, gets to run around our neighborhood off leash and seeing him run around as excited as he gets makes me like being outside that much more. When I’m at school, I enjoy taking walks around our amazing campus. 

How have you been taking care of your emotional wellbeing during the pandemic?  

It can definitely be hard to take care of yourself during these times and I have struggled with it, too. I like to hangout and watch Netflix, I have tried cooking new recipes, painting, driving around listening to music, and spending time with my family. When it is safe to do so I also love to see my friends! 

How do you stay connected with others?  

Zoom and FaceTime have been lifesavers. I try to make sure I keep up with my friends because I am a lot happier when I feel like I have people I can easily talk to. I like to stay in touch using Snapchat, text, and I love sending my friends TikToks. 

Now that you have received the first dose of the vaccine, what is the next thing that you will be holding onto for hope?  

I am very excited to get the second dose of the vaccine in early February! I am also looking forward to more vaccines being shipped across the country and for more people to get it each and every day. I am hoping that we will be able to get a better handle on Covid and that we will be able to begin to settle into our new normal. 

Do you have any positive words of encouragement for members of our audience who are feeling completely drained and burnt out from this pandemic?  

The biggest thing is to remember to take care of yourself. We are all living in times we have never seen before. It can be scary, anxiety-provoking, depressing, etc. It is okay to do what you need to do to take care of yourself and your health, and you shouldn’t have to feel bad for it! 

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