January 22, 2021


Photo Courtesy: Rejoice Dhliwayo
Name: Rejoice Dhliwayo 
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 
Department: Biomedical Sciences
Role at UNH: Alumni 
Year Graduated from UNH: 2019

How does getting this vaccine make you feel?

Getting this vaccine makes me feel honored and privileged and I am excited to make the steps toward combatting this virus that has changed many lives around us.   

What does getting this vaccine mean to you?  

Getting this vaccine means helping protect my friends, family, the patients I take care of and the people around me.    

What would you say to someone who feels hesitant about getting the vaccine? 

To anyone who feels hesitant about taking the vaccine I would encourage them to take a look at the bigger picture. This vaccine is one of the key ways to help us get back to a normal life. There are many misconceptions about the vaccine. The vaccine is safe and although it was made quickly, no shortcuts were made and all clinical trials were done according to normal clinical trial protocols. One of the reasons the vaccine was made so quickly is because there was a huge investment made on it.  

What have been some of your favorite ways to stay physically active during the pandemic?  

My favorite way to stay physically active during the pandemic has been to take walks in Boston.  

How have you been taking care of your emotional wellbeing during the pandemic?  

To take care of my emotional wellbeing during the pandemic I have been indulging myself in different things such as reading and cooking. I have also spent a lot of time communicating with my friends and family through text and Facetime.   

How do you stay connected with others?  

I stay connected with others through social media, text messaging, phone calls and Facetime.    

Now that you have received the first dose of the vaccine, what is the next thing that you will be holding onto for hope?  

Now that I have received the first dose of the vaccine, the next thing I will be holding onto for hope is that as a country we continue to socially distance, wear masks, and more people can get the vaccine, so that we can eventually establish herd immunity.  

Do you have any positive words of encouragement for members of our audience who are feeling completely drained and burnt out from this pandemic?  

To people who are feeling completely drained and burnt out from this pandemic we should try looking forward to a better future. I think things can only go up from here.

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